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Removal and Disposal
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Parking it on the street?
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Deed Restrictions
Most Deeds have restrictions
that prohibit old vehciles, trailers and equipmnet on the street or in your yard
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Old leaking Vehicles, RVs, Trailers, Equipment - Either the US government and or your state govenrmnet has rules...
POA and HOA Rules
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State Agencies
Govern Licensed Vehicles
No unlicensed vehicles may be parked on public streets or highways. When thye become environmental issues each state has there rules / laws...

Maryland Boat Removal Service

Entities that Govern the Storage of Your Boat
Code Compliance for BoatsDeed Restrictions for BoatsEPA Rules for Boats,
HOA Rules for Boats, and State Agency Rules for Boats.


In all of America there are

NO Boat recycling facilities.
Boat salvage yards,

NO Boat land fills

Why? There are too many manufacturers
and they change their models so often that there is
very limited ... VERY limited salvage or parts value to them.


Too make matters worse "IF" a Company wanted to start a salvage
the acreage it would require is massive and not profitable.


MotorboatsSailboats and Yachts

"MUST BE" DemolishedSeparated and properly disposed.



1. All electrical items, freon, propane and fuel must be extracted first.
2. Metal, tires, wood, plastic, and fiberglass must be separated.
3. Then and only then can it be thrown away and or recycled.


Maryland Boat Removal Services is the "ONLY"
Boat Removal, Boat Disposal and Boat Demolition service in the USA.
With over twelve (12) Years experience.

Small Sailboat

Whether your Maryland Boat is road worthy or not and no matter where it is: in your backyard, drive way, Maryland Boat Storage Facility, hunting lease, job site or broke down on the side of the road.


Maryland Boat Removal Services
picks it up and hauls it away.


 For your Maryland Boat Removal needs here is how it works:

1. Call Us or Email Us and provide basic information.
2. We ask all pertinent clarifying questions.
3. You email us 5 photos
    (1 of each corner showing the sides and ends
      a 5th photo close up of the tires & rims.)
4. Tell us the size of the tires.
5. We quote your for the service.

6. You Sign a Service Agreement and CA.
7. We schedule the pick up.
8. We pick it up.
9. Your nightmare is gone.


All quotes and services are provided by
Maryland Boat Removal Services staff and equipment.

You communicate with Boat Removal Estimators
AND Our crew and drivers do the work.


For all of your Boat Removal needs
Call or Email Maryland Boat Removal Service First, Last, Always!

We Accept

Maryland Boat Removal Service is Fully Insured.

Maryland Boat Removal Service does not offer these services to competitors or individuals
who want to be competitors.  Any competitor that contacts Maryland Boat Removal Service
and does not identify themselves as such will be agreeing to pay $1,000.00
an hour, with a 1 hour minimum, for business consulting advice. This applies
to any and all contact including but not limited to phone or email.

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